Quality vs Price CCTV

Have you ever thought about getting a CCTV system for your home? We get a lot of queries through about people having bought cameras and wanting our opinion on them. Truth is, that lower costing cameras generally are not as reliable as higher quality ones.

We have had a look at the popular cameras that are cheap on the market right now, and we compared them to our cameras we supply for our customers. Although the price is quite different for us to do it, we can guarantee quality a service and products. Buying an unknown and cheap camera, may be the complete opposite.

As a dedicated company, we will only install high quality cameras to ensure that our customers are getting the quality they are paying for. As for the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) needed to store the images from the cameras, these are all configured and installed by our engineers. These units are a vulnerable part of the camera system which we believe should be protected best.

The comparison we have been focusing on is between the use of an Analogue camera (RRP £40.00) compared to HD Cameras we install. We found a good video that shows the difference quality between the two. See below:

HD Vs Analogue

Although analogue cameras are cheaper than our cameras, they do not give out the same quality, view or tolerance to certain climates. With the new HD Cameras that are out, they are more expensive, but the higher resolution you can get, the better view you will get out of the camera. This allows you to see in example a large parking lot, and read registration plates of the vehicles using a vari-focal camera.

Analogue cameras may only be able to show you a portion of the camera with no ability to zoom or very poor images. In a domestic or commercial situation, you will want to identify a face/specific feature you could use to take further. This could provide the vital evidence to catch the intruder.

We urge everyone looking for cameras, to choose quality over quantity when it comes to your security. Here at Glendale, we would only recommend the highest of quality for our customers. We can also design the CCTV System to match all of your requirements.