New 5MP CCTV Cameras

5MP CCTV Cameras.

Recently, Here at Glendale we have had a new addition to our variety of CCTV Cameras we can provide. The new 5MP cameras are a big step up from the 3MP we were installing before hand. We are more than happy to be providing such amazing cameras to our customers.


The new 5MP CCTV Cameras come in with a range of 40M to cover a mass area. Meaning we can use less cameras to cover a larger area as the resolution is so good on them. They’re also  IP rated to IP67, Protecting them from total ingress of dust, and harmful submersion under water for a short periods. This makes them fantastic for outdoor usage and very durable when it comes to the typical Scottish weather of course. Protected by IK10 Durability, if it was to fall from a great height of 400m, it would still be fully functional.


Fitted with a 2.8mm – 12mm variables lens, we can have the cameras adjusted and focused so you can see exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need them left at a wide angle to view a Garden or a Yard area, or focused and permanently zoomed on a Gate or to overlook a car, we can help you with this, and these cameras are great for it too!

The cameras are also fully functional at night time, with IR Illumination to make sure no weather, Light or Dark, can stop you from seeing what is happening on your property.The cameras can be set to continuously record, or only record on movement activation. The choice is yours.


These cameras can come in various types of models, from Bullet type cameras, Turrets for fixed viewing and Anti-vandal domes to make it more difficult for those trying to break in to damage the camera itself. They will all be run back to a DVR with sufficient memory fitted to suit your viewing purposes, and we will provide a 4K LED HD monitor to give you the ultimate viewing of the cameras. This monitor will be required for such high mega-pixel cameras to ensure you get the most out of the images provided.

With a 4K monitor, the cameras will be capable of showing faces for you to identify or pass over, Vehicle Registration Plates will be identifiable and any other notable features to help you identify crucial evidence.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic cameras!

We are installing these cameras now, so don’t hesitate if you are looking for a fantastic system and a competitive price, we can help you. Our specialist engineers will come out and tailor a system to suit all your requirements, meaning you only have to tell us what you want. We will make sure to have your valuables and property protected at all times. We also offer a maintenance package on the CCTV cameras, covering you for any faults or natural damage as well as a years warranty on the system! Contact us now to get your free, no obligation quotation at a time that suits you.


Want to have a look at these 5MP cameras in action before you get a quote? Check them out here : CCTV Camera in action