How to keep your flat safe

Here at Glendale, we really have a passion to keep our customers safe, whether it be a 3 bedroom detached house, your business premises or your flat, we have a solution for all. Door Entry Systems can be used in a variety of buildings to protect what you value.

Many tenancy associations would highly recommend getting a door entry system fitted. The system can be controlled from the main entry door straight to your flat, giving you the power to determine who gains access and who is going to cause you some trouble. We have accessed an information sheet from Edinburgh City Council to give you some contacts that will assist in decision-making when it comes to stairwell protection.

We would highly recommend either an Audio or Video entry system, dependent on your needs. Both of these systems will allow you to determine who the individual is that is trying to access the stairwell. Video entry will give you a clear picture of who has just buzzed your flat. This will be displayed on a small monitor fitted onto the handset and at your flat door. Video entry comes highly recommended due to being able to visually identify the individual, and recall characteristics if required. Audio, will still allow you to identify the individual and is usually opted for as it comes at a lesser cost, parts are easier to get and quicker to replace. Both types of systems will be fitted to provide you with the security you need.

Securing the stairwell will not only keep intruders out, but it will give you a better living experience. If the stairwell is kept clean and free from any obstructions and signs of vandalism, this can improve the overall feeling you have towards the building. One of the main ways that vandals can find their way in to stairwells is tenants leaving the door propped open. If they are just nipping out for half an hour they may think that its okay to do so, but this provides an ideal opportunity for someone to either quickly get in and get out, or a chance to vandalise your communal area.
Making sure all the tenants of the stairwell use the buzzer or the access given to them is crucial to make sure the flow of people is monitored. If someone unknown buzzes your flat (perhaps saying they are looking for the person in a different flat number) you should never grant them access. This could lead to them seeing a potential weak spot in the security system and buzzing your flat next time they aim to do some damage. Only ever buzz in those you know or are expecting. If you are not expecting someone and looking for a quiet night, the handset can be fitted with a privacy switch ensuring you are not disturbed, even when someone keeps their finger pressed constantly.

In order to access your dwelling, there is a number of ways this can be done:

The installer may choose to input a system that you can still use a domestic key to access the dwelling. These systems will require you to have the key handy at all times due to the door closing behind you and locking. The installer will provide you with one set of keys. It is then your responsibility to get more cut etc.

Fobs have now become more and more popular due to the ease of use behind them. This requires less time spent trying to get the key into the lock or find the key. You can simply swipe over the top if the reader. However, you still require this every time you want to gain access to the building. More can be provided but will be an additional cost, these also require programmed onto the system before use.

You can also have a code pad installed to the panel, allowing all tenants to be given an access code. This will eliminate the need for both a fob and a key, meaning if you have to nip out for 10 minutes, or even just to the car, you only need to remember the code to gain access. The codes can be input and changed dependent on the tenants currently in etc – This may need to be done by the installer


When you are choosing a Door Entry System, protecting the communal area becomes a necessity. In flats, majority of the time the mail is kept in the communal area in pigeon holes. Sometimes these come with a lock or a hatch on the front of them, however is that the security you need? Many intruders will steal your mail in order to identify who you are and you contact details. This allows them to commit acts of fraud using you name, address, contact number etc. If the mail box is easy to get into, then chances are you could be a victim of fraud.
Installers will now put on a service timer, allowing the postal delivery service to gain access to the communal area and put the post away accordingly. These can be set to the estimated time the post will be delivered, and cannot be access out with this time. A trades button can be fitted to your panel at your request.


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