Fire, Smoke & Gas Detectors

Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detection is essential to have in your home or your business.

Fire detection can be installed through a vital combination of smoke and heat detectors in properties. These can be installed hard-wired or wireless (dependent on legislation) and can be positioned where appropriate by our fully qualified engineers.

Our engineers will only install alarms and detectors that are certified to a British standard for your home or business.

We can also install Carbon Monoxide detectors into vital areas for detection. These will be positioned in the kitchen and will notify you of any gas that is detected in the air through a gas leak. Carbon Monoxide cannot be seen nor smelt, therefore making the poisonous gas near impossible to detect without one.

Glendale Heat Detector

We can incorporate your fire alarm system into your intruder system to alert you of activations via our alarm receiving centre.
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