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How do Intruder Alarms work?

Intruder alarms can be quite confusing to those who have never encountered one before. Most of the time, they look like they are way more complicated than they actually are. The Keypad Older intruder alarms may look very difficult to use due to the non-usage of an LCD screen. These may look a bit like

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New 5MP CCTV Cameras

5MP CCTV Cameras. Recently, Here at Glendale we have had a new addition to our variety of CCTV Cameras we can provide. The new 5MP cameras are a big step up from the 3MP we were installing before hand. We are more than happy to be providing such amazing cameras to our customers. Functions The

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remote control alarm

Wired vs Wireless intruder alarms, which one?

Wired vs Wireless Intruder Alarms During the last few years in the world of technology, there has been a significant spike in the market of wireless technology, and we jumped on board.We decided to take a look into the world of wired vs wireless intruder alarms and their capabilities. With the new wireless alarm systems,

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Assisting local farmers with CCTV

Recently, we were approached by one of the local farmers in the area of Kinross with a CCTV need for viewing his calving shed. We sourced a PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) and fitted this into the shed for our customer, so he had a full view of the calving area and the entrance

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Fitting CCTV

Quality vs Price CCTV

Have you ever thought about getting a CCTV system for your home? We get a lot of queries through about people having bought cameras and wanting our opinion on them. Truth is, that lower costing cameras generally are not as reliable as higher quality ones. We have had a look at the popular cameras that

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Heart Start project

Throughout the month of November, our team has been working hard with Hunters of Kinross on the latest project in Kinross. The team at Hunters, the butchers have been working with the Heart Start foundation on putting Defibrillators into the town for 24/7 public access. We teamed up with them for the installation of one

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Monitoring or no monitoring?

Monitored alarm systems are your foot forward to getting police response to your home or work alarm system. Police Scotland will only respond to recognized alarm systems, meaning if your alarm was to just ring, there is no guarantee anyone would turn up. Monitoring your alarm can guarantee this crucial response. Monitoring stations are used

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Glendale in the press!

An exciting start to the month for the Glendale team! Looking for things to do this Autumn/Winter? look no further – pick up your copy of the Kinross-shire winter festival magazine to see what events are taking place near you – We have a few copies at the Glendale office if you have not yet

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Secure your home this Autumn

With the change in seasons come the darker, longer nights! Autumn brings the start of darker mornings and nights, which cunning thieves can use to their advantage – with studies showing that the amount of break ins increase during the winter months. There is many ways to secure your home, here is a few of

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kinross show

Kinross Show Competition

Glendale Alarms proudly sponsored the Kinross Show educational tent’s annual competition this year, with the chance to win a mini camcorder! Missed the show on Saturday? There is still time to enter! ‘Like’ our Facebook Page ‘Glendale Alarms and Security Systems‘ for more information. Our winner will be chosen at random by our director and

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