Assisting local farmers with CCTV

Recently, we were approached by one of the local farmers in the area of Kinross with a CCTV need for viewing his calving shed.

We sourced a PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) and fitted this into the shed for our customer, so he had a full view of the calving area and the entrance to the shed. This camera has a full 360 degree view and can zoom up to 30 times to identify things such as car vehicle registration plates or in the video, the cow tags to identify the number on them.

The camera can be remotely viewed from your smart device through an app the engineers install for you during installation. This enables you to check on your property when you are not at the site. You can access recordings, zoom in to check on something, or check your property is still secure (even when on holiday). All you require is an internet access at the site, and internet access on the smart device.

The camera can be added on to your existing CCTV system, or we can install this camera with some domes or bullets to get the most out of the equipment.

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