Month: June 2017

Latest Fire System Technologies

Looking to secure your home with the latest technologies? Wireless fire systems are the way forward this June! At Glendale Securities we are happy to announce that we now supply, install and maintain the latest in fire alarm systems – Wireless.  A Wireless  fire system will work just like the conventional hard-wired fire alarm systems,

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small security camera

Latest 4K CCTV Technologies

We have all heard of 4K monitors, with the promise of the highest quality of images available, but what is a 4K monitor without 4K cameras? Technology is ever advancing, with the option to have pictures streamed in a high-quality image than ever before. Ultra HD cameras promise to stream high quality CCTV images directly

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Glendale’s Top Tips

Sadly, House fires kill and injure thousands in Scotland yearly, and cost many more their valued possessions and memories. Below are some of Glendale’s top tips to prevent a fire starting. Looking to get a fire system installed? Read more here. Ensure all electrical equipment is working correctly: In Scotland, crews respond, on average, to two

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