CCTV Systems

CCTV cameras are an obvious visual deterrent and where an intruder system is present it is almost guaranteed that any perpetrator would reconsider burglary, causing damage or harm.

CCTV cameras are not just for commercial use, they are used for many purposes from capturing a crime on your property for evidence, reducing the risk of health and safety codes being violated keeping everyone safe to simply being able to see who is at your front door or keeping an eye on your baby during the night without disturbing them. Fitted with infra red for improved night time vision, now available for internal and external CCTV cameras not even hiding under the cover of darkness is an option. Robotic flood lights with built in CCTV cameras are also useful because not only do they light up the area where motion has been detected but they also track the cause of the trigger whilst recording fully lit images.

In most cases your CCTV cameras can be connected to your TV or a PC monitor. And with the correct equipment, computer, tablet or Smartphone it is possible to view the CCTV images from anywhere in the world! You don’t even require a separate monitor or recording device, just 3G or a WiFi router is needed.


Covert CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly popular for external and internal use, including Camera PIR’s for our Agility 3 intruder system which can also be viewed from anywhere in the world using a computer, Smartphone or Tablet.


CCTV cameras are often connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) where all footage is stored with varying levels of memory capacity depending on how often you record and how long you would like to keep the footage for.